Digital Health and Social Care Strategy 2017-22 – Development

Person-centred health and social care is at the heart of our strategic agenda in Scotland. We are developing a new, integrated Digital Health and Social Care Strategy that will build on achievements to date and set out future development and priorities.

What are your views and experience of digital health and social care? Email your comments here.

Digital services offer real benefits to clinicians, health and care workers and patients. Our Case Studies section contains a range of examples that illustrate the positive impact of digital. In November 2016 we began to develop the new Strategy and are seeking general views, ideas and feedback. This will inform the draft document which will form the basis for a more detailed discussion with stakeholder groups from early 2017. We currently envisage that the new Strategy will be published from Summer 2017.

Our Vision

We have developed a draft vision for the new Strategy, in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. Click on the link in each part of the Vision, to view existing case study examples that show how the Vision will be realised.

As a citizen of Scotland:

I have access to the digital information, tools and services I need to help maintain and improve my health and wellbeing.

I expect my health and social care information to be captured electronically, integrated and shared securely

to assist service staff and carers that need to see it,

and that digital technology and data will be used appropriately and innovatively to help plan and improve services,

enable research and economic development

and ultimately improve outcomes for everyone.

We will add material to this page over the next few weeks, so please revisit regularly to be kept up to speed on developments. Whether you are a health care or social care professional, a sector manager or planner, a systems developer, or a patient or carer, we would welcome your views at the email address above. Please make sure you add your name, your role or interest, and your contact details as well as whether we can publish your comments (with or without your name and organisation) in any future consultation report.

Please also share this information with any relevant colleagues and encourage their participation – thank you!

November 2016