NHS EHEALTH 09-09-2015    036CHPDigital technology plays an increasingly important role in addressing the challenges faced by health services around the world.

The Scottish Government and NHS Scotland have had a national eHealth Strategy in place for many years to support key health policy aims such as improving the quality of care, enabling shared decision-making with patients and integrating health and social care.

eHealth plays a pivotal role in evolving the way in which care is delivered in Scotland, empowering both citizens and professionals through better digital services and information. This will directly improve the outcomes of professional care, and at the same time provide essential support for effective self-care and health improvement by people in Scotland.

Our vision for 2017 and beyond is ambitious and person-centred and builds on the significant progress we have made with the implementation of eHealth in Scotland so far. Our vision is set out in the current eHealth Strategy 2014-2017.

In November 2016 we announced the development of a new, integrated Digital Health and Social Care Strategy 2017-22. Read more and give us your views.

We envisage that eHealth will:

lefthomeimgrighthomeimgFacilitate health and social care integration through digital information sharing and communications;

Support the work of health and social care professionals by providing digital tools for information gathering, processing, analysis and use;

Support the people of Scotland to digitally manage their own health and wellbeing and live longer, healthier lives at home or in a community setting;

Enable Scotland to be a long term leader in digitally enabled care by supporting innovation through partnership.

View good practice case studies from around the NHS in Scotland.

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